King’s Countrymen Fall Letter 2019


Hey Kings Countrymen Bluegrass Gospel fans, it’s that time again for another newsletter. The summer was filled with several issues that the group had to deal with – it seems as though the “proverbial blackbird” decided to make an attack on each of the group members.


June, 2019


Lorn and Kristi Schultz left on a long-planned vacation that was to take them, with camper in tow, on a possible three week wonderful driving adventure to Seattle to visit relatives and friends.  They also planned on taking in a bluegrass festival in Cashmere, WA.  Arriving in Seattle, Kristi was informed that her brother had been admitted to the hospital. By the next morning at 4:30 am he had unexpectedly passed away. They then began the long drive back to Mondovi. After resting a few hours, they grabbed a change of clothes and headed for Hot Springs, Arkansas to attend her brother’s funeral. On the way home they stopped off in Branson, Mo to rest a bit and take in a couple shows.  Finally time to have a little fun. They finally returned to Mondovi exhausted from driving roughly 6 thousand miles over the previous couple of weeks.


July, 2019


Lorn was taken to the hospital after suffering what was thought to be a Brown Recluse spider bite. Testing revealed that he was also tested positive for Lyme’s Disease. To get rid of a lot of necrotic skin on Lorn’s leg, he was taken to the operating room for debridement of the leg wound. Unfortunately, while recovering from the surgery, Lorn suffered a heart attack. The cardiologist did an emergency heart catheterization and found that his vessels were not amenable for stenting and he was started on a medical regimen as treatment for the cardiac event. The wound on Lorn’s leg is slowly healing and Lorn is recovering from the heart attack.


Dan & Pan Cavanaugh’s son Joe and his wife were involved in a horrendous automobile accident in Florida. Joe’s wife did not survive the accident. Dan and Pam flew to Florida to be with their son and to assist him with associated issues concerning the accident. They also helped with funeral plans.  Joe is slowly healing from severe injuries suffered in the accident.  The family thanks everyone for the continued prayers as they deal with the loss of their dear one.


George & Elvada Cordwell made an emergency trip to New Jersey to visit one of his dear friends who was very ill. While driving to New Jersey, George was notified that his friend had passed away. George & Elvada completed their trip out to visit with his good friend’s family. They were able to attend his funeral.  This also gave them a chance to visit all his family while out east.

When they returned home from out east, they made a FUN trip to Portland Or. to visit their daughter Maria.  Plus they celebrated Elvada’s birthday.  A great time was had by all.   Oh, when you see George, ask him how fast his little yellow VW bug will go. 



Jim Williams underwent replacement of his right knee the 18th of July.  Jim is just now able to start getting around. We keep teasing him that this will take several weeks before he has completely healed from the operation. Of course he wants it done with RIGHT NOW!! Jim has a good nurse to take care of him.  Gloria has been working overtime keeping him comfortable.


August, 2019   


Mike & Lois Mansur have had the chore of preparing Mike’s mother’s home farm for sale.  This was a very heart rending and anxiety driven issue for Mike & Lois to finally make the sale of the farm. Then just after the deal was closed they received word that his sister’s boy friend had passed away unexpectedly.   


Mary Pimblett is also recovering from Lyme’s Disease.  However the good news is her Chiropractic practice was going full guns this summer.  She has been working long hours in her clinic in Mondovi


So as you can see, the summer of 2019 was a trying time for our group. It was only with all our prayer partners and the help of our Lord and Savior that everyone made it through.  As the words of the song says “THRU OUR DISAPPOINTEMNTS STRIFE AND DISCONTENTMENT, WE CAST OUR EVERY CARE UPON THE LORD”!!! 


September, 2019


It’s GOING to get better!!  God is good!


We are working on a 26 year King’s Countrymen Anniversary Concert for this fall. We have this scheduled for October 19th at 2:00pm at Calvary Baptist Church located at 3036 Epiphany Ln. Eau Claire, WI.  The doors will open for seating at 1:30 pm. The Kings Countrymen will present a number of the music selections that we’ve been played over the 26 years.   Plus we’ll give a little history of the happenings over the many years.  General seating is available. Tickets are $10.00 and will be available at the door or call Lorn and Kristi Schultz @ 715-926-5854 or Lorn’s cell @ 715-495-5275 (Children 14 and under FREE)


There are several other venues that the group will be playing at over the winter months as well. We will be gathering for the “Open Mic/Jam” again this winter at the Marten Center located here in Mondovi, WI. These Dates are as follows: Jan. 12th, Feb.16th, March 15th and April 19th 2020. (WOW 2020 already!!) We start at 2:00pm. Check the schedule at for dates and times of the concerts.


The group wishes to thank everyone who has supported us over these many years. We look forward to praising the Lord with word and song in the months ahead. Until next time, God bless! 

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